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Governmental and Nonprofit Organizations in the Pandemic

This transnational research project partnership comprises four Principal Investigators from four participating T-AP participating countries from both sides of the Atlantic. They are Thomas Bryer (Lead PI) from the University of Central Florida in the United States; Mebs Kanji from Concordia University, Quebec, Canada; Victoria Foster from Edge Hill University, United Kingdom; and, Piotr Modzelewski from University of Warsaw, Poland.

About the Project

The research integrates organizational, sociological, and democratic theories in a unique manner to analyze and report recommendations for practice that improves adaptive capacity, democratic legitimacy, and ultimately stronger public health participation and outcomes for diverse publics across unique societies. It includes both internal and external organizational
capacity factors within a single study and extends the external focus to include democratic elements
heretofore not directly examined within adaptive capacity research. It also advances theory and practice of collaborative governance through examination of dynamic collaborative practices during a crisis.

Addressing four research questions that link the disciplines of public administration, organizational science, political science, economic science, and social science, the project will produce scholarly outputs as well as establish a framework for a sustained community of practice for government and nonprofit organizations within and across countries to enhance adaptive capacity for future public health and other crises.

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