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Our Team

This transnational research project partnership comprises four Principal Investigators from four participating T-AP participating countries from both sides of the Atlantic.


Thomas Bryer, University of Central Florida, United States

Victoria Foster, Edge Hill University, United Kingdom

Mebs Kanji, Concordia University, Canada

Piotr Modzelewski, University of Warsaw, Poland

Scroll down or click on the country flag to read more about each country's team members.


Transatlantic Partnership - Team Info - United States

United States

Thomas Bryer

Dr. Thomas Bryer

Lead Principal Investigator

University of Central Florida

Prof. Bryer is the team leader for this project and Principal Investigator for the United States.


His research and teaching focuses on citizen participation and collaborative governance, ultimately asking: how can we design institutions to enable stronger, more civically healthy communities? He has worked at the University of Central Florida since 2007, after completing his PhD from the University of Southern California.


He has published eight books, including Poor Participation: Fighting the Wars on Poverty and Impoverished Citizenship, Citizenship and Ethics, Handbook of Theories of Public Administration and Management, and Promoting Civic Health through University-Community Partnerships.


He has served as a Fulbright Scholar in Lithuania and Russia, and he maintains affiliations with universities in the United Kingdom, Lithuania, and South Africa.

Contact Dr. Bryer

Sofia Prysmakova

Dr. Sofia Prysmakova

Co-Principal Investigator

Kennesaw State University

Dr. Sofia Prysmakova is an Assistant Professor of Public Administration at Kennesaw State University. She earned a Ph.D. in Public Affairs from the University of Central Florida, where she continues to serve as a Visiting Professor of Community-Engaged Scholarship.


For almost ten years, she has been working on a wide range of domestic and international research projects that explore how public service delivery can be enhanced through the use of strategic partnerships and collaborative governance to assist vulnerable communities in times of crises, which include natural, manmade disasters and hybrid crises.


Dr. Prysmakova has co-authored several applied research reports for community partners and publications in the areas of collaborative governance, crisis and emergency management, forced migration, and anti-poverty programs, including a book Poor Participation: Fighting the Wars on Poverty and Impoverished Citizenship with Thomas Bryer.

Transatlantic Partnership - Team Info - United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Victoria Foster

Dr. Victoria Foster

Principal Investigator

Edge Hill University

Dr. Foster is Principal Investigator for the United Kingdom.


She is Senior External Engagement Fellow at Edge Hill University, a role which involves acting as a key leader and advisor in the embedding of external engagement, knowledge exchange and value creation activities into the University’s research activities. Victoria is also Director of the Centre for Social Responsibility (CSR), a cross-faculty research and knowledge exchange initiative at Edge Hill University that is committed to generating opportunities for cross-sector collaboration and co-operation, and modelling and sharing good practice. Victoria has a particular interest in arts-based methodologies underpinned by feminist epistemology and her book, Collaborative Arts-based Research for Social Justice, provides a rationale for employing this approach in community settings.

Victoria was the recipient of an ESRC CASE award for her doctoral research and an ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship. She has worked on large scale NIHR-funded research as well as a wide range of smaller projects. She is currently Co-Investigator on the one-year AHRC-funded project, ‘Active and Creative Communities Arts Development: Social Prescribing, Sustainable Strategic Planning and Breaking Down Barriers across Sectors in North Lanarkshire’. This collaborative knowledge exchange project is led by Dr Marisa de Andrade at the University of Edinburgh and involves eight local, regional and national multi-sectoral partners in developing a joined-up arts strategy for the region.

Victoria is Visiting Professor of Community-Engaged Scholarship at the University of Central Florida Downtown.

Contact Dr. Foster

Jo Crotty

Dr. Jo Crotty

Co-Principal Investigator

Edge Hill University

Jo is Professor of Management and both Director Knowledge Exchange and the Institute for Social Responsibility at Edge Hill University, the latter being university-wide roles furthering excellence in research and knowledge exchange.

Jo’s research interests lie in civil society development, corporate social responsibility, environmental management and state-society-business relations, predominantly in former Soviet Union countries, with particular focus on Russia and Ukraine.

Jo has published circa 70 journal articles, conference papers and book chapters, including British Journal of Management, Sociology, Non-profit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly and Organization Studies. She has also presented papers at international conferences including Academy of Management Annual Meeting and the British Academy of Management where she has been nominated and won prizes.

She has been awarded research funding from ESRC, where she is part of the review college, and the British Academy. She is also a member of the Editorial Board of Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management Journal.

Jacob Obodai

Dr. Jacob Obodai


Dr. Jacob Obodai has a broad interest in challenges at the intersections of development and environment at multiple scales. He enjoys conducting multi-and interdisciplinary research and using quantitative, qualitative, and Remote Sensing/GIS methodologies to provide practical solutions. His research focuses broadly on food security, natural resource governance, the dynamics of land use and land cover changes, and environmental management.


Dr. Obodai has participated in several action research and evaluation projects for a variety of local and international organisations, including USAID, the Global Health and Development Centre at Boston University, the Human Sciences Research Council, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Public Health Department of KNUST.

Transatlantic Partnership - Team Info - Canada


Mebs Kanji

Dr. Mebs Kanji

Principal Investigator

Concordia University

Dr. Kanji is Principal Investigator for Canada.


He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Concordia University.


His research interests include Canadian politics, comparative politics, values diversity, social cohesion, political support and democratic governance.

Contact Dr. Kanji

Kerry Lynne Tannahill

Kerry Tannahill


Concordia University

Kerry Tannahill is a PhD Candidate and Researcher in the Department of Political Science at Concordia University.

Her fields are comparative and Canadian politics and her focus is on political support, value diversity, and identity.

Sophie Courchesne

Sophie Courchesne

Research Assistant

Concordia University

Sophie Courchesne is a Master's candidate in the Department of Political Science, Concordia University, Montreal.

Her research focuses on Canadian politics, more specifically political support.

Transatlantic Partnership - Team Info - Poland


Piotr Modzelewski

Dr. Piotr Modzelewski

Principal Investigator

University of Warsaw

Dr. Modzelewski is Principal Investigator for Poland.


He is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw.


His main areas of research include efficiency analysis, performance management, inter-organizational relations, collaboration and public service delivery networks. He is implementing many research and commercial projects in the public and private sectors.

Contact Dr. Modzelewski

Tomasz Gajderowicz

Dr. Tomasz Gajderowicz


University of Warsaw

Tomasz Gajderowicz is a policy advisor in the field of education and the labor market.


Dr. Gajderowicz specializes in data science methods for uncovering incentives, that drive educational and professional decisions. He elaborated the framework of the implementation of modern microeconometric techniques in research on preferences and assessments.


He holds a Ph.D. in economic sciences, he works as a European Commission expert, World Bank, and ETEC consultant and holds the position of Research Director in Evidence Institute and assistant professor at the University of Warsaw. He is experienced in a number of international projects and workshops on educational data analysis and policy. He is the author of many publications in the field of assessment analysis and transition from education to the labor market.

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